This version of Astro is only compatible with Xcode 7.3

Mobify Preview Plugin

Mobify has a tool called preview for swapping JavaScript files without changing your Mobify Tag JavaScript snippet on the page.

This plugin helps easily use preview for pages within your app that have the Mobify Tag.

Sample Usage

    ).then(function(previewedUrl) {


MobifyPreviewPlugin.init() #

Creates and returns an instance of the Mobify preview plugin that is used to make subsequent method calls.

preview(url, bundle) #

This method will instantiate a modal view, load the preview page with your specified URL and JavaScript bundle, and dismiss the modal when the preview cookie is successfully set.

Note: As with most Astro methods, this returns a Promise. When preview completes (preview cookie set) the promise will resolve and pass the URL that Preview redirected to. This is useful for cases where the user may change the 'Site URL' on the preview page.