This version of Astro is only compatible with Xcode 7.3

Splash Screen Plugin

The splash screen plugin allows you to put a centered image on top of a colored background while any network-dependant parts of your application are loading.

Sample Usage

var ICON_URL = 'file:///icon-left.png';
SplashScreenPlugin.init().then(function(splashScreen) {

    HeaderBarPlugin.init().then(function(headerBar) {
        headerBar.setLeftIcon(ICON_URL).then(function() {
            splashScreen.hide({animated: true});


SplashScreenPlugin.init() #

Creates and returns an instance of the splash screen plugin that is used to make subsequent method calls.

setBackgroundColor(color) #

Sets the splash screen's background color.

setImagePath(path) #

Sets the image to be displayed, it will fill the screen horizontally and vertically. The callback will contain an error if the image fails to load.

show(options) #

Shows the splash screen, call this after it has been configured with setBackgroundColor() and setImagePath().

hide(options) #

Hides the splash screen, call this when your other UI has been setup and is ready to display.