Node v6
Starting with v0.19 Astro must be used with Node v6+!


The Engagement controller allows the app to send analytics events to the Mobify Engagement Engine.

Sample Usage

const engagementController = await EngagementController.init('engagementSlug', '')
engagementController.sendEvent('eventName', 'channelName', {dimension1: 'dimension1Value'})


EngagementController.init(slug, baseURL) #

Creates and returns an instance of the Engagement controller that is used to make subsequent method calls.

sendEvent(eventName, channel, dimensions) #

Sends an event to the Mobify Engagement Engine.

sendAssociateEvent(channel, webAppEngagementId)) #

Sends an associate event to the Mobify Engagement Engine. Event allows native app to associate itself with a web app.